Wound closure technology saves Israeli soldiers

Soldiers wounded in Operation Protective Edge are benefiting from a brand-new Israeli technology to close open wounds quickly. TopClosure acts like a medical zip to protect wounds immediately when they are inflicted, allowing them to be fully treated later.

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4 Responses to Wound closure technology saves Israeli soldiers

  1. Bernardo Rojtenbarg says:

    For every time Israel excels in some basic activity, world hatred and envy grows in the same proportion inversely.

  2. Eva Silva says:

    I wish the news would STOP the bareface lying reguarding Israel. Isreal is not the aggressor ones that refuse peace, when in truth they are the ones looking to work something out with the Palestinian but the Arabs refuse. The news never reports how the Isrealus always treat any wounded Arab. I am so disgusted by the bias news.

  3. Victoria Smith says:

    I am an Australian who supports and loves Israel, we only have to look at the amazing achievements across a broad spectrum to understand that they are indeed Jehovah’s chosen special people. What has the Palestinians given the world nothing !! but hatred and terror. More Nobel prizes have gone to Israel than any other Nation. Shalom

  4. Diana Riddle says:

    Israel will continue to shine and excel! God has shined His face on them and one day they will be exonerated and exalted. Until that day comes, the world will criticize her and seek her destruction because of her successes. The world will benefit from those advancements! I am a grateful Christian who stands forever thankful for the foundation laid by the patriarchs and prophets!

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