Seeing the signs of Alzheimer’s

I reported recently (30th July) about the research at Sheba Medical Center into the link between Alzheimer’s disease and loss of retina function.  Israel’s RetiSpec is already working towards building an ocular scanner for the spectral signature of neuropathological changes due to the disease.

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  1. Sylvia Shapiro says:

    I am a close relative of members of the Beare foundation, and was so impressed to see the wonderful work that is being done by you!
    My husbands after many testes has been diagnosed with mild cognitive disorder.
    My question is,:- is there anything to be done after finding a persons retina to thin as you have found to be the case in early detection?
    Are there any significant tests done on medication etc to help this symptom not to progress.?
    I would really appreciate a reply as I will obviously do anything that I can to make sure that I have explored every avenue to see that the situation does not deteriorate!
    If you need ” Guinea pigs” we’re are more that happy to cooperate!
    Thanking yu in advance
    Sylvia shapiro

    • MichaelOrdman says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Sylvia. The research is very new, so nothing has yet been published on what the best strategy is after diagnosis of the thin retina.
      You could try contacting Ygal Rotenstreich M.D., an ophthalmologist at the Goldschleger Eye Institute at Sheba Medical Center here in Israel. Or the Duke University scientists mentioned in the detailed article. Good luck.

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