Nearly 200 cartilage regenerations

Israel’s CartiHeal has now implanted its Agili-C cartilage regenerator into nearly 200 damaged knees since the biotech was founded in 2009 (see here for previous newsletters). CartiHeal has just raised $15 million to expand trials prior to a planned European launch in 2017.

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3 Responses to Nearly 200 cartilage regenerations

  1. perry mendelson says:

    i am 79 yr old male. with osteorthosis unspecified billateral knee. have tried several treatments….no relief. would be interested in participating in trial.i am israeli/us citizen.

  2. MichaelOrdman says:

    Where do you reside, Perry?
    – If in Israel, ask your consultant to refer you to Sheba (Tel Hashomer) or Ichalov (Tel Aviv) Medical Centers.
    – If in the USA, you need to make local enquiries.

  3. MichaelOrdman says:

    Looking at the company’s website, their age limit is 75.

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