Melanoma can be cured – in Israel

Patients in an advanced stage of metastatic melanoma are being given a new lease of life at the Ella Institute of Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv. Sheba’s innovative Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) trials have patients from Europe coming to Israel to be rid of the deadly cancer.

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2 Responses to Melanoma can be cured – in Israel

  1. Paul S. Levin says:

    I have sent this information to my family doctor. Meanwhile, on his advice, how do I go about getting treatment?
    Apparently, I have small amounts on my lungs. This is to be verified by my family doctor. Is there any hope???
    Paul S. Levin

    • MichaelOrdman says:

      Paul – hopefully you received my response via David Zeit at United With Israel. Wishing you success with this and a refuah shaleima (full recovery). Best regards, Michael

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