The world’s largest vegan festival

Israel hosted on Monday what organizers say is the largest vegan festival in the world. Ramat Gan’s Vegan Fest 2014 featured workshops, lectures, panels, concerts, some 15,000 visitors and (of course) meat and dairy-free food.  Israel also has the largest proportion of vegans in the world.

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  1. (Ms) Shashi Ishai says:

    My husband and I have been plant-based vegans for a little over a year now. I just read about your vegan fest (2014) in Ramat Gan. It is now May, 2018, and I would like to be notified when and where the next Vegan Fest will be. Thank you so much. If your org. also produces a list of vegan cafes/restaurants in or in the proximity of Netanya, can you please provide one.

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