Top Israeli entrepreneurs give advice

Israeli organization AlmaLinks promotes Birthright-like ties between the Jewish business community in the US and Israel. It brought 200 Diaspora business executives to hear from Israelis who have led their companies to become “Unicorns” - i.e. having valuations of a billion dollars or more.

UK-Israel trade increases

The British Embassy in Tel Aviv has reported that since the Brexit vote, from June 2016 to May 2017, 32 new Israeli companies have entered the UK market, investing £152 million and creating 888 new jobs.

$3.1 billion exports to US in 3 months

Israel Export Institute reported that Israeli exports to the U.S. amounted to $3.1 billion in the first quarter of 2017 - an increase of 5% over the same period in 2016. Medical equipment exports rose 23% to $650 million.

A better detector

Israel’s IDenta has been inundated with orders for its detection kits for explosives and banned substances. The UK (Manchester and London), the US, France and Israel recently placed orders for thousands of kits. Earlier customers include Thailand and Wizz Air.

SodaStream’s Homoschlepiens ad

Watch Mayim Bialik (star of “The Big Bang Theory”) in her new commercial for Israel’s SodaStream.  She humorously demonstrates how buying water and fizzy drinks in plastic bottles “makes no sense”.

$35 million exit for Camtek

I reported previously on some big orders that Israel’s Camtek had landed for its semiconductor inspection modules.  Now Camtek has sold its whole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) business to China’s Principle Capital fund. Camtek’s Israeli-based and global operations remain intact.

SAP’s new Israeli HQ

I reported previously on software giant SAP’s Israeli R&D center and its attraction to the Startup Nation. SAP has shown its faith in Israeli technology and economy by building and moving into its new $67 million Ra’anana headquarters - the new home for its 800 R&D employees.

Start-up Nation meets Wall Street

New York City’s NEXUS: Israel education and networking conference, coordinated by American Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, brought together over 300 scientists, attorneys, venture capitalists and others to discuss Israel’s latest high-tech advances. See the amazing agenda.

Study for a degree in Law or Business in English

I reported previously about the opportunities to save a fortune in fees by studying for a Law or Business degree in Israel in English, and then finishing your qualifications in the USA. Israel’s College of Law & Business is holding its 2017 Open House on 2nd Aug.

CyberArk acquires Conjur

Israeli cybersecurity “giant” CyberArk has made yet another overseas acquisition by purchasing Massachusetts-based Conjur. Conjur’s revolutionary technology secures Development / Operations and increases CyberArk’s business prospects within the DevOps arena.