From cafes to offices

For years, Jerusalem’s budding entrepreneurs held meetings in cafes. But now there are many shared workspaces that they can afford to rent e.g. PICO, Temech and WeWork. Now Urban Place on the 4th floor of the Central Bus Station provides 91 offices of various sizes and styles and more.

OurCrowd summit is about doing good

Some 18,000 guests from over 180 countries attended OurCrowd’s annual summit. Its focus was on startups with a world-changing social impact and solving global challenges in fields such as healthcare, public safety, environment, mobility, cybersecurity, food, and agriculture.

European investors come to Israel

Israel will host representatives of top German, Swiss and Austrian tech accelerators and companies on 19th March, for the fifth installment of the Europe Days conference. Over €300 million ($335 million) in funding opportunities will be on the table for some 200 Israeli entrepreneurs.

New routes to Germany and Greece

Ryanair is to start daily direct flights between Tel Aviv and Berlin in October. It already flies from Israel to Baden-Baden and Memmingen. Ryanair has also announced the launch of new three weekly flights between Tel Aviv and Athens and Thessaloniki.

Ramon airport receives first international flight

Ryanair had the honor of being the first international airline to land a plane at Israel’s Ramon Airport. The new airport opened to domestic traffic on 21st Jan.

NICE little earner

One of Israel’s big tech companies, NICE reported its 2018 revenue up 8% at a massive $1.445 billion.

Towering revenues

Another big Israeli company, Tower Semiconductors (TowerJazz) just reported an annual income of $1.3 billion. Tower manufactures wireless computer chips and camera sensors. Readers may remember I reported that TowerJazz’s image sensors are on NASA’s sun probe.

Predicting a financial crisis

Israeli behavioral economist Dr Dan Geller, head of Analyticom, has developed a scientific tool, the Money Anxiety Index - an early-warning system for financial organizations. It includes a forecast model of loan defaults that gives an 8-month advance notice of a likely recession.

CyberArk sails full steam ahead

One of Israel’s biggest cybersecurity companies, CyberArk, has just reported 2018 revenues of $343 million - 31% higher than 2017.  Its forecast for 2019 was even higher.

Stories sell products

I reported previously on Israel’s Playbuzz which converts static (boring) website content into interactive “storybook” dialogs to engage with users. Yael Shafrir, Playbuzz VP of International Partnerships explains more on ILTV.