$600 million funding for startups

The $350 average monthly influx of funds to Israel startups was boosted in September to $600 million thanks to Via (ridesharing) which raised $250 million. Innoviz (automobile sensors) raised $65 million and StoreDot (fast-charge car batteries) raised $60 million.

Economy continues to grow

The Bank of Israel's Composite State of the Economy Index for August 2017 increased by 0.3 percent, slightly more than previous months. Highlights were the increase in goods exports and in the job vacancy rate.

Winning contracts in China for driverless tech

Israel’s Mobileye is installing its Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in every electric bus built by China’s Yutong, the biggest bus maker in the world. It is also working with Chinese electric car-maker Nio and contracts with more Chinese firms are pending.

20% increase in August tourism

253,800 tourists visited Israel in Aug 2017 - 20% more than in Aug 2016. 57,200 were from the US – a 33% increase. Tourists from Poland soared 60%. 2.3 million tourists entered Israel Jan-Aug 2017 - 24% more than in the same period of 2016.

Leading German insurer will cover claims for Israeli exoskeleton

One of Germany’s leading insurers, Barmer, has signed a confirmation regarding the provision of Israel’s ReWalk Robotics systems for all qualifying beneficiaries. ReWalk’s exoskeleton allows paraplegics with spinal cord injury to walk upright.

Helping women farmers in Latin America

Israel’s Frutarom has been encouraging women in Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and other Latin American countries to become independent farmers and grow annatto in their fields. Frutarom is committed to buying at a fair price all the fresh annatto harvested for its natural yellow ingredient.

Lower fees for international students

Israel’s Bar Ilan University has dramatically reduced fees for its 2017/18 International BA program. Foreign students will now pay standard Israeli citizen tuition fees, as set by the Council for Higher Education - a two-thirds reduction from the current fees.

China to import Israeli tech – for lab-grown meat?

China and Israel have signed a $300 million trade deal whereby China will import Israeli advanced agriculture technologies and smart and green energy technologies. Not sure how the UK Independent and others made this into a vegan story but at least it was positive news.

Linking up Multinationals with Israeli startups

Israel’s global equity crowdfunder OurCrowd has launched OurNetwork, providing access for Multinationals to Israel’s most exciting startups.  25 corporations signed up prior to the launch, including Accenture, GE, Google, Honda, Kodak, Nokia, SAP, Shell, UBS and YESBank.

Chicago delegation to Israel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is heading a delegation of more than 40 businessmen, investors, health care professionals, academics and water experts to Israel, to seek ways to work with the Startup Nation on technology. 2016 trade between Israel and the state of Illinois totaled $814 million.