An accelerator for the mature entrepreneur

Facebook Israel and a group of private investors have setup a new accelerator and investment program called “Future”. It targets those aged 45+ with a track record and an idea to develop.  Just what I’ve been waiting for - all I need now is an idea!

New York to Tel Aviv for less

I reported previously that low cost airline WOW is to launch its service in September between Tel Aviv and New York via Iceland for around $550 return.  Now it appears that prices will be even lower – with many return fares under $460 and some one-way fares from $149.

Awards for grasshopper protein company

I reported previously about Israel’s Steak Tzar Tzar, which aims to solve the world’s protein shortage with its farmed grasshoppers.  The company, renamed Hargol, won the Agro Innovation Lab startup competition in Vienna, Austria and the TLV Startup Challenge in the ag-tech/food-tech category.

Mobileye’s future offices

Timed for Jerusalem Day, Mobileye - Israel’s Jerusalem-based developer of advanced vision and driver assistance systems revealed the plans of its new campus, housing 4,000 employees. Eight buildings plus a 25-floor tower spread over 50,000 square meters in the Har Hotzvim High-Tech Park.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong flight arrives

As announced previously the first Cathay Pacific airlines flight from Hong Kong to Israel landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.  To compete, El Al is offering bargain prices and free tickets to amusement parks.

Texas trade agreement with Samaria region

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has signed the first-ever trade agreement between the US and the Samaria Regional Council.  Miller said “… the signing of this agreement with Samaria is the starting point of long-term cooperation”

All-time-record for air passengers

April 2017 was a record month for Ben Gurion Airport with 1.74 million passengers – a massive 26% more than in April 2016.  Over 5 million passengers have passed through the airport in the first four months of 2017 – an increase of 20% over the same period in 2016.  Another all-time-record of 349,000 foreign citizens visited Israel in April – 38% more than in 2016.

Doubling the size of Acre / Akko

Israel is to double the size of the Northern city of Akko (Acre) by building 17,000 new housing units, hundreds of classrooms, plus daycare centers, synagogues, libraries and sports centers. The NIS 3 billion project will attract young families, revitalizing the city and the entire western Galilee.

Currency reserves soar by nearly $2 billion

Israel’s foreign exchange reserves rose by another $1.97 billion during April, to reach a record $105.14 billion (33% of GDP).  It includes $250 million added into the fund set-up to reduce some of the adverse effects of natural gas production on the exchange rate.

Direct flights Tel Aviv to Miami

El Al is launching a new non-stop service, three times a week between Miami International airport and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport starting in November.