The secrets under the Western Wall

The tunnels deep below the Western Wall Plaza reveal some amazing sights.  A Roman theatre; the largest stone in Israel and a map of Israel that wasn’t drawn by any human hand.

Belated Bar Mitzvah for survivor

83-year-old Hanoch Shachar, who lost his whole family in the Shoah, fulfilled his dream by celebrating his Bar Mitzva in Safed, Northern Israel. Shachar is a marathon runner and during the ceremony hoisted without effort the Torah scroll in its heavy metal casing.

UN exhibition of the Truth

I reported previously on the new exhibition at the United Nations of the 3,000-year continuous history of the Jewish people in the city of Jerusalem – Israel’s capital.  This article about the opening event contains a video that is highly recommended to watch.

Watch the truth being uncovered

Every day, significant archeological discoveries that reinforce the historical connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem are revealed in the excavations at the City of David.

Jewish Jerusalem exhibition at the UN

During his 5-day visit to the USA, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will check out a special exhibit at the U.N. Headquarters in New York that provides archaeological proof of the 3,000 years of continuous Jewish history in Jerusalem.

Celebrating bar mitzvot with a difference

18 Ethiopian Jews, who immigrated from Ethiopia a year ago, celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. They each received tefillin donated by the Lev L'Ahad organization and were joined via a live video call to the students of the Ben Porat Yosef School in the United States.

Arab women in the Jewish capital city

An oldie but goldie (but first time included in this newsletter) highlighting the freedom that Arab women have to walk, ride, drive, work, shop, eat and simply enjoy life amongst the streets of Jerusalem.

4000 animals treated every year

Israel’s Wildlife Hospital treats any injured animals, from hedgehogs and tortoises to eagles and gazelles.

Hospital kids have fun on Purim

Purim in Israel is very exciting. Even in hospitals, youngsters don’t miss out on the fun. At Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, the staff makes sure that the young patients at the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital are not forgotten.

The seal of Isaiah found in Jerusalem

Hebrew University archaeologists have discovered an 8th century BCE seal impression in First Temple remains near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. It is inscribed with the Hebrew letters that seem to spell out the name l’Yesha’yah[u] (belonging to Isaiah) and part of the word navi (prophet).