Column found from 2nd Temple plaza

The Temple Mount Sifting Project has discovered the capital of a column that formed part of the double colonnade that surrounded the Temple Mount plaza in Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple. Josephus described the style of the column in his book "The War of the Jews".

Ethiopia’s biblical link with Israel

In Jerusalem, President Reuven Rivlin told Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn “Your connection with Jerusalem is something that goes to the roots of the Bible, and the connection between our people is not a matter of years, it is a matter of centuries, back to the visit of the Queen of Sheba”.

New Israeli stamps

Beautiful Israeli stamps issued in April and June included commemoration of the re-unification of Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria, the Golan, Passover haggadot, safe cycling, General Allenby, the 30th Maccabiah and famous Israeli songs.

Bar Mitzvah for 115 orphans

I reported previously that Kollel Chabad held a Bar Mitzvah celebration for 111 orphans in Jerusalem on the 111th birthday of the late Lubavicher Rebbe.  Now on his 115th birthday Kollel Chabad held another Bar Mitzvah celebration, for 115 orphans.

Stand with Jerusalem

On the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Israel’s capital city, take this opportunity to see it for yourself.

500,000 names of Jerusalem supporters drape Old City walls

Half-a-million people signed United With Israel’s declaration that Jerusalem must remain united as the eternal capital of the Jewish State. UWI presented a book with the names to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and banners with the names were draped around the city.

Cable car to Western Wall approved

The Israeli Cabinet has approved a $56 million plan to construct a cable car from West Jerusalem to the Western Wall. The 1.4km route from the First Station complex to the Dung Gate will take just 4 minutes, improving accessibility by avoiding the Old City’s narrow streets.

Cabinet meeting in Western Wall tunnels

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, the Israeli cabinet held its weekly meeting in the Western Wall Tunnels.

Uncovering a 4,000-year-old house near Jerusalem

Dr. Steven Ortiz of the Tandy Institute for Archaeology reveals the latest findings at the Tel Gezer archaeological site in the foothills of the Judaean Mountains. Gezer is listed in the Book of Joshua as a city belonging to the Jewish tribe of Levi, but existed even earlier.

80,000 join Jerusalem Day Flag March

More than 80,000 people took part in the Jerusalem Day Flag March, culminating in celebrations at the Western Wall, up from between 30,000 to 40,000 in previous years. Plus, some amazing aerial photos of the crowds dancing and singing from the Great Synagogue to the Old City.