2000-year-old earing found in Jerusalem

A spectacular gold earring, shaped like a horned animal and dating back to the 2nd or 3rd century BCE, during the Hellenistic period, was discovered during excavations of the Givati Parking Lot in the City of David National Park encircling the Old City walls.

Italian Jewish history is preserved in Jerusalem

The art of the Jews of Italy has been preserved in the Umberto Nahon museum of Italian Jewish art in Jerusalem - one of the most beautiful buildings in the Holy City.

15 couples remarry in Jerusalem

Fifteen Bnei Menashe couples, who immigrated to Israel from Manipur, India in Jun 2018, were remarried in a festive and emotional group ceremony at nonprofit Shavei Israel’s absorption center in Kfar Hasidim, after completing their formal conversion.

Roll away the stones

A 1700-year-old mosaic floor was discovered in Lod. Archaeologists believe that the original owner was Jewish as the mosaic depicts only animals and nature. It is the third mosaic to be found on the site.  The video shows it being rolled up for transporting to a safer location for cleaning and preservation.

Public park preserves Second Temple village

Khirbet Arza is a little-known archaeological gem on a scenic hilltop in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood. When remains of a Second Temple era Jewish village were discovered, an archaeological green park replaced the planned apartments and shopping mall.

Legendary pitcher’s solidarity with Israel

Former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera toured Israel with members of his church as part of a spiritual interfaith mission led by the New York Board of Rabbis. After visiting an IDF base, Rivera said, “For me, it was something special that I will take with me through my life.”

Ancient pottery factory with games room

Excavations near Rehovot have revealed a pottery factory that manufactured large storage jars in the Roman and Byzantine periods - from the 3rd to the 7th centuries CE. The factory contained a room with game boards hewn out of the bedrock, and a complex of 20 hot and cold pools.

Where Jews hid 2,000 years ago

Pottery vessels dating back to the Hellenistic era, over 2000 years ago, were retrieved in a complex rock-climbing operation from a cave on a cliff along the Lebanon border. Large wine jugs, cooking pots and other crockery indicate that those who brought them planned to live there for a while.

The Dead Sea Scrolls – a window to Jewish history

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest copy of the Jewish Bible. Sophisticated technology deciphered some of their contents. The scrolls are now accessible online, offering a window to the deep roots of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland, the Land of Israel.  

For the Redemption of Zion

A bronze coin from 69 CE was uncovered recently during wet sifting by a volunteer at the City of David Sifting Project located near the Mount of Olives in Emek Tzurim, Jerusalem. The coin reads, ‘For the Redemption of Zion.’ The coin was minted just before the destruction of the 2nd Temple.