1,020 ancient clay seals discovered

Archeologists have uncovered a trove of 1,020 clay seal impressions dated from the Maccabean era, over 2,100 years ago. They were found in a newly discovered 7-room cave complex at the ancient city of Maresha, part of the Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park in central Israel.

Ancient tree may help cure diseases

On Kibbutz Katura, I saw Methuselah - a Judean date palm that scientist Elaine Solowey planted on Tu Bishvat from 2000-year-old seeds discovered by archeologists at Masada. Now scientists believe that the tree’s ancient genetic properties could have major medical benefits.

Free-gift at Ben Gurion airport

To prevent the importing of diseases, Israel’s Agriculture Ministry has banned passengers from bringing 3 of the set of 4 species (palm branch, myrtle, willow) required to be used during the Sukkot (Tabernacles) holiday.  A free set will be given to those passengers who want one.

A country, not a cause

I reported previously about The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF). Founder Adam Bellos urges American Jews to look beyond the politics and to come to Israel, learn the language, meet the people, listen to the music, drink the wine and enjoy the country. Israel has so much to offer.

Jerusalem prepares for New Year

In Israel’s capital, people are extremely busy. Activities include an update for Sacher Park, musical events in the streets and synagogues. One “unique” photo shows the candidates for position of the next Mayor of Jerusalem dancing together. And the first Sukkah (tabernacle).

The US-Israeli pilot who stopped Egyptian army

US citizen Gideon Lichtman, who died recently aged 94, made history in 1948 when he volunteered for the emerging Israeli Air Force and shot down its first enemy plane. His Machal 101 squadron prevented the Egyptian army from capturing Tel Aviv.

Uncovering the City of David

Doron Spielman, of the City of David Foundation, was interviewed on ILTV about the latest findings in the 4,000-year-old city of King David that was only re-discovered a few years ago. Layers have been peeled away like an onion to reveal the Pilgrimage Road leading up to Temple Mount.

The Jewish foundations under Mount Zion

Mount Zion, South West of Jerusalem’s Old City, sits on top of thousands of years of history. Archeologists recently discovered evidence of Hasmonean construction from the time of the Second Temple.

The Jerusalem Stone

This powerful film, in production, could solve Israel’s PR problem … once and for all.  Ancient secrets buried beneath the Dome of the Rock have the potential to bring humanity together in the most positive and profound way imaginable. And YOU can be a part of it.

Pulling out the stops

A Bnei Brak policeman chased a speeding MDA paramedic who jumped red lights and ignored his calls to pull over. However, the policeman recognized the address where the paramedic eventually stopped and was saving the life of an unconscious 64-year-old heart attack victim - the policeman’s own father.