Welcome to Israel

A flashmob took over Ben Gurion arrivals hall on May 24, when 150 singers, musicians and dancers, all from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, surprised 2000 Taglit-Birthright participants from 47 groups taking their very first steps in Israel.

Couple makes Aliya on 71st wedding anniversary

Chicago natives Devorah ‘Doris’ Levitz (91) and Norman Levitz (93) have just made Aliyah. Devorah and Norman visited Israel at least once a year since their son made Aliyah 40 years ago. Now, they have officially decided to call Israel their permanent home.

Archaeologists discover king’s head

Archaeologists have unearthed a 3000-year-old 5cm sculpture of a Biblical king from at Abel Beth Maacah, near Israel’s Lebanese border. But which king? It could be the Aramean Ben Hadad or Hazael of Damascus, Ahab or Jehu of Israel, or Ithobaal of Tyre.

Peace prizes for Israeli Jews and Muslims

Three pairs of Jewish Israelis and Muslim Arabs were awarded the 14th annual Institute of International Education (IIE) Victor J. Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East in Jerusalem, recognizing their work toward advancing peace and reducing tensions in the region.

The US Embassy opens in Jerusalem, Israel

Here are my favorite highlights from this historic event. US Ambassador David Friedman’s opening speech: US President Trump’s speech and unveiling ceremony: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech: Pastor John Hagee’s speech:

Israel – the center of Jewish life

140,000 Jewish children are born in Israel every year.  In the Diaspora - 80,000 pa.  Israeli Arabs - 41,000 pa.  Plus, net Aliya - 20,000 pa.  It’s a demographic miracle. It was underlined when Ezer Mizion found an Israeli bone marrow DNA match for an Italian Jew with Leukemia.

$17 million extra to excavate in Jerusalem

Israel Antiquities Authority has allotted an additional $17 million to the ongoing excavations in the City of David, just south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem capital of Israel

As it says at the end of the video “Then, Now and Forever”.

Next week Paraguay

I reported two weeks ago that Paraguay’s President hoped to relocate his country’s embassy to Jerusalem before the end of his term in mid-August.  Well, he’s certainly beaten that target as it will be moving this coming Tuesday – 22nd May.

Welcome Guatemala to our capital

In 1948, Guatemala was the 2nd country (after the USA) to recognize the State of Israel.  On 16th May 2018, Guatemala became the 2nd country (after the USA) to move its embassy to Jerusalem - capital of the State of Israel.  (Open link to see United with Israel at the opening ceremony).