Drip irrigation just got even more efficient

Israeli Simcha Blass had the idea for drip irrigation over 80 years ago but it is still too expensive for 85% of farmers. Israel’s NDrip has developed a low-cost system that uses gravity, not energy. It also removes the need for filters. NDrip has just raised over $50 million of new funds.

Convert any space for games

Israeli startup EyeClick’s BEAM platform converts a normal floor into an interactive playtime site, using a projection screen and dual motion sensors. Hospitals use it to help children regain muscle strength through games. EyeClick has just won a $50 million deal with China’s Guoshu.

Successful 3D printed circuit tests

In a major breakthrough for additive manufacturing for printed electronics, tests conducted by Harris Corporation showed that 3D printed radio frequency (RF) circuits made by Israel’s Nano Dimension performed equal to that of circuits developed using conventional manufacturing techniques.

Downloadable 3D printable clothing

I’ve reported previously on Israel’s Danit Peleg when she printed clothing on her home computer for her final project at Israel’s Shenkar College. Danit is the first person in the world to create an entire fashion line using an at-home 3D printer. Here are some more of her designs.

Tiny solar panels to power home devices

3 years after receiving a US-Israel BIRD clean energy grant , Israel’s 3GSolar Photovoltaics is launching tiny solar panels that allows electronic devices to generate their own power. The panels work indoors, in low light and can sustain devices for up to 15 years.

More effective solar energy production

Much solar energy is lost due to defective, degraded, misaligned or dusty panels. Israel’s RayCatch - one of World Economic Forum’s 61 Technology Pioneers uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to diagnose and optimize solar farms. RayCatch has just raised $4.5 million of funds.

Ford cars will make decisions

Ford Motors is investing $12.5 million in its Israeli subsidiary SAIPS so that it can build a decision-making system for Ford’s future autonomous vehicles. System development will be led by Professor Shie Mannor of Israel’s Technion Institute, who joined SAIPS in August.

Never get lost again

Israel’s TrekAce Technologies has developed a tactile wrist-strap that serves as a navigator, directing wearers using vibrations and sound notifications. Get a buzz on your left? turn left; on the right? just follow the vibration. A strong buzz? Stop where you’re at.

Saving palm trees

Israel’s PlantArcBio has developed a pesticide that it says is 100% effective in fighting the deadly red palm weevil that attacks trees around the world. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), considers the red palm weevil one of the world’s most invasive pest species, infesting palm and coconut trees.

Water technology for Vietnam

Israel has displayed new water technology in Hanoi, Vietnam, to improve its agricultural sector. Hanoi’s “Exposition of Futuristic Agro and Water Israeli Technologies and Cultural Performance” featured Israel’s Watergen, plus a 100-meter vertical rice field from Israel’s Vertical Field.