Water purification by sterilized medical devices

Israel’s NUFiltration has helped solve the problem of what to do with some of the 125 million dialyzers (artificial kidneys used in dialysis) discarded annually worldwide: They sanitize and repurpose these sophisticated filters as water-purification devices for developing countries.

Cheap, clean fuel cells

Israeli startup GenCell makes fuel cell-based solutions to create emission-free electricity. Its new GenCell A5 is marketed as a replacement for polluting diesel generators used by telecom companies in remote areas. The cell uses ammonia to produce hydrogen, which then generates electricity.

Saving crops in India

Israeli startup Amaizz is developing a variety of products and services to reduce food losses in grains, cereals, and horticulture by spoilage and degradation throughout the handling, storage, and processing stages. Amaizz has planned an on the ground pilot to take place in 2018 in India.

Feeling unsafe? Summon a drone

A team of students from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University are developing Air-Pal - a personal security app to enable local authorities to respond quicker to emergencies. App users can call up a drone that will transmit live video images to public safety organizations.

Israeli wireless charging for Black & Decker tools

I reported previously on Israel’s Humavox and its microscopic device, small enough to re-charge hearing aids wirelessly.  Now toolmaker Stanley Black & Decker has invested in Humavox, intending to add its technology to Black & Decker products.

IDF launches $2 billion project to build tech campus

Israel’s Shikun & Binui and Africa Israel have won the tender to build the new IDF information and communications technology center in Beersheba. The center will serve some 5,000 soldiers and career officers from the IDF’s intelligence units, including its cybersecurity units.

R&D cooperation with Italy

Israel and Italy have agreed to promote eight academic and six industrial cooperative projects, covering marine biology and agriculture. Both governments will fund NIS 15 million per year, over the course of two years. Israel will fund another NIS 8 million for joint bio-robotics laboratories.

The view from Heaven

I reported previously about the Israeli 3D virtual reality (VR) camera on board the International Space Station. The first episode of “One Strange Rock” aired in the US on March 26, 2018.  It is the first ever 3D VR film seen from space. Click the navigation arrows n the top left.

Turning seaweed into a superfood

Israel’s Seakura is one of a few companies that grows seaweed on land (in purified seawater). Seakura’s “superfood” Sea Lettuce and Red Seaweed contain more protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. Available in the UK.

In-car AR navigation

The Israeli iOnRoad team of Harman International (a subsidiary of Samsung) has developed augmented reality (AR) navigation for the next generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles. It will be the first time AR technology is used in vehicles, displaying the car’s actions in real-time to the driver.