French town “grows” Israeli solar tree

I reported previously about the solar-powered artificial tree designed by Israeli start-up Sologic. Now, a Sologic eTree has been placed in the French Loire town of Nevers (population 37,000), allowing passers-by to charge their phones, use free Wi-Fi and have a cool drink.

Testing fruit for freshness

Israeli start-up AclarTech has developed the AclaroMeter app that works with a smartphone’s camera and the Israeli SCIO molecular scanner, to monitor the ripeness, freshness and quality of fruit and vegetables. It could revolutionize the global food market by helping prevent wasted products.

More Israeli protection from the Dark Web

I reported previously on three Israeli companies that provide services to prevent cyber-attacks from the hidden side of the Internet.  Israeli start-up White Hat is another. Staffed by former members of IDF intelligence units, White Hat deals in “civilian cyber intelligence”.

Israeli cows are still cream of the crop

I reported previously that in 2009 Israeli cows produced more milk than those in any other country – around 10,000 litres a year each. Eight years later, Israel’s cows are still world champions, now producing on average 11,970 litres (3,162 gallons) of milk a year.

Nano-ink for printed circuits

I reported previously on at least three Israeli companies that have developed ink for miniaturized electric circuits.  Here is another – Israel’s PV Nano Cell has just received a Japanese patent for its silver nano particles ink, which should enhance its Japanese business.

The first certified fully-automatic drone

The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI), has granted Israel’s Airobotics the world’s first authorization to fly fully-automated commercial drones without a pilot.  The system uses computer software and artificial intelligence instead of a human drone operator.

The boot is on the other foot

I reported recently about Israel’s Invertex which scans your feet to help you choose the right size of shoe on the Internet.  Now another Israeli startup WizeSize does something very similar. Let me know if you can tell the difference.

An all-electric airplane

Israel’s EViation Aircraft unveiled its Alice Commuter electric plane at the Paris Air Show. It can carry 9 passengers plus 2 crew up to 1000km using a Li-lon - 980 kWh energy pack. EViation saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time by 3D printing prototype parts and machine tools.

Breeding fish in artificial seawater

Israeli aquaculture startup Latimeria breeds fish in water that has been desalinated and then has salt added.  The innovative process avoids pumping seawater in and out, saving electricity, minimizes water leakage and stops the introduction of harmful bacteria.

Retrofitting solar to old buildings

KKL-JNF, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, have launched “Easy to Breathe” - a national environmental program. Old public housing buildings, commencing in Beit She’an and Safed, will be renovated and retrofitted with solar power.