Your personal Israeli robot

temi is an Israeli-developed personal robot that aims to become an essential addition to every home.  temi traverses the home without colliding with furniture, providing a host of services. Another Israeli startup, Newsight Imaging will provide the sensors for temi’s 3D visual system.

Smartphone analyzes mental state

Israeli 3D imaging company Mantis Vision has just acquired Israeli AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup BrainVu. BrainVu uses machine vision (e.g. of eye dynamics and blood flow) to identify the mental state (e.g. stress levels) of a person from images captured by a smartphone camera.

Syte is so cool

Gartner has named Israel’s Syte in its 2018 Cool Vendors in AI for Retail report. Syte provides Artificial Intelligent image search technology and in-store solutions to track social media and create a more seamless shopping experience.  Customers include UK’s Marks & Spencer, Intu and Boohoo.

Untold News on Buzzfeed

One of my favorite NGO’s Untold News has published another article on Buzzfeed highlighting 10 Israeli futuristic innovations. 300,000 saw their last article and this one is well worth reading.

Israeli summer school for science students

73 international high school graduates came to Israel this summer to participate in a hands-on scientific research program at the Weizmann Institute of Science. More than 3,000 students (Jews and non-Jews) have attended the 4-week course over the years.

A drone to save you from drowning

Israeli startup Blueskimmer developed drones to thwart firebombing kites and balloons from Gaza. Now the drones have been adapted to release floats to rescue people at risk of drowning. The drones are controlled by lifeguards and have a public address system.

SkyTrain for Netanya

My local council has just approved plans for Israel's first skyTran pod cable car rapid personal transit system. The 600-meter line is designed to overcome traffic congestion and link-up Netanya's residential and industrial areas. Each skyTran 2-person pod will operate using magnetic levitation.

Drink me

Dehydration results in over 1.5 million outpatient visits, 200,000 hospitalizations, and 300 deaths in the US per year. Israeli startup has developed “Reminder” - an IoT (Internet of Things) smart cap and sensor for disposable water bottles that blinks, vibrates or sounds an alarm when you need to take a drink.

Bringing companies into the digital age

Israeli software company CodeOasis has been quietly transforming company systems for 13 years. Solutions for the likes of IsraCard, Super-Pharm, Wix, Strauss and SodaStream, CEO Amir Golan was interviewed on ILTV about CodeOasis’ innovative services.

Intel’s Israeli processors go even faster

I reported previously that Intel had unveiled its Israeli-designed 8th generation processors - the fastest ever.  Now Intel’s Haifa-based team has announced even faster ones. The U and Y series, codenamed Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake, are for laptops and laptop-tablet hybrids.