Nano-polymer repairs damaged arteries

Researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University and Sheba Medical Center have developed a new bio-medical polymer that reduces arterial plaque and inflammation in the cardiovascular system. The polymer uniquely reverses arterial damage and does not affect healthy tissue.

Using human bacteria to treat diseases

Israeli biotech BiomX is developing a pipeline of treatments for unmet medical needs, including cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and acne.  BiomX focuses on modulating the human microbiome - bacteria that reside in and on the human body - to boost immune-oncology treatments.

AIDS treatment also kills cancer

I reported previously that the “Gammora” treatment developed, by Israel’s Zion Biomedic, killed over 95% of the HIV virus in lab tests at Israel’s Kaplan Medical Center.  Latest trials on lung and colon cancer cells eliminated some 70% of the carcinogenic cells.

3D organ bio-printing

I reported previously that Israel’s Collplant was developing a bio-ink that could 3D print tissues and organs. Collplant has now setup a division to produce the ink, which could eventually be the answer for patients desperately waiting for organ transplants.

Volunteer doctor re-designs life-saving device

Dr. Ishay Benuri, a volunteer with emergency medical service United Hatzalah, treats victims of terrorism. He discovered that the addition of a loop onto his intubation device (to insert a tube allowing patients to breathe) could potentially save countless more lives.

Circular RNA linked to aging and brain disease

Scientists led by Professor Sebastian Kadener from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that, contrary to previous belief, circular RNA molecules are responsible for producing proteins in the brain and could play an important role in neurodegenerative diseases.

Another discovery about aging

Microbiologist Dr Valery Krizhanovsky of Israel’s Weizmann Institute studies senescent cells – cells that stop dividing.  When these build up they release cytokines and enzymes that permanently damage healthy tissue.  Eliminating senescent cells may prevent many diseases of the elderly.

Protein protects brain against DNA damage

Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have discovered that the protein SIRT6 is key to repairing DNA damage that causes neurodegenerative brain diseases. SIRT6 was almost completely absent in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Iraqi boy gets bovine heart valve

Israeli surgeon Sagi Assa from Save A Child’s Heart worked together with his former mentor Dr Stephan Schubert from Germany to implant an artificial heart valve into 11-year-old Iraqi-Kurdish boy Marwan Ghazi Ali. The valve was made from the jugular vein of an Australian cow.

Personalized cancer treatment

Israel’s GeneSort detects specific genetic mutations linked to various types of cancer. Oncologists can then adapt treatments to the patient's specific genetic mutations, dramatically improving outcomes.  GeneSort has just been acquired by Hong Kong investment fund AID Partners for $23 million.