Free dental care up to age 18

The Israeli Cabinet approved a proposal by Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman to extend the dental care reform until the age of 18. To date, dental treatments have been given from age of 8 to age of 16. The decision comes into force immediately.

Food security for developing countries

Israeli NGO Fair Planet brings the best quality seeds to Africa’s poorest farmers. It has helped 50,000 farmers in Ethiopia increase yields five-fold, doubling their income and given food security to 250,000 Africans. It is now expanding its project to Tanzania.  

Partners for the future

This video was produced to accompany December’s Israel-Greece-Cyprus summit in Beersheba. It highlights a seminar for innovators, the undersea gas pipeline, a Tel Aviv forum for 200 business people, joint firefighting exercises and the signing of an agreement on cybersecurity.

Training first responders in India and Sri Lanka

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) and United Hatzalah have teamed up to train first responders in mass casualty incidents and disaster management at numerous locations in India and Sri Lanka.

Sodastream to open factory in Gaza

At Jerusalem’s Globes Business Conference, Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Israel’s Sodastream announced plans to open a manufacturing facility in Gaza. “We want the people in Gaza to have jobs, real jobs, because where there is prosperity there can be peace,” Birnbaum said.

Arab Muslim candidate on Likud party list

Israel’s right-wing Likud party introduced Dima Tayeh as its first Muslim Arab-Israeli candidate in the 9th April Knesset elections. It provides a strong reminder that Israel is a diverse, inclusive, and democratic society.

A year of medical support for Palestinian Arabs

I reported previously on Project Rozana which raises funds to help Israeli hospitals treat sick Palestinian Arab children. Here is Rozana’s latest report on its work using Israeli excellence in healthcare, to benefit the Palestinian Arab community.

Supporting Bedouin women in the Negev

The Israeli Arab-Jewish non-profit organization AJEEC-NISPED works with the Arab-Bedouins of Hura in the Negev. One of its projects is the Al Sanabel catering business. 20 Bedouin women prepare 8,000 school lunches, transforming these women into proud family breadwinners.

World’s first daycare for cancer kids

Israel’s “Daycare of Dreams,” is known as the “world’s first sterile educational and recovery center” for children with cancer. For its 35 children, it’s the first time they can play with other kids. And, for the 80% that heal, it prepares them to re-integrate into society.

Israeli PM receives Brazil’s highest honor

As soon as Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in as Brazil’s President, he went over to hug Benjamin Netanyahu, making the first visit to Brazil by an Israeli Prime Minister. He also awarded him the National Order of the Southern Cross – Brazil’s most prestigious medal for foreign dignitaries.