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Investment in Israeli startups: 14/2/21

Leadspace raised $46 million; Ukko raised $40 million; Granulate raised $30 million; Big-Tech 50 raised $26 million; Evinced raised $17 million; Mesh Payments raised $13 million; UNIPaaS raised $10 million; NeuReality raised $8 million;

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Reducing the cost of computing

Israel’s Granulate has a patent-pending solution that improves an organization’s computer workload performance with up to 60% less computer resources. It means a huge reduction in costs without requiring any changes in the customer’s code.,7340,L-3809987,00.html

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Investment in Israeli startups (26 Apr 20)

This week Israeli startups InnovoPro raised $15 million, Granulate raised $12 million, Orchestra raised $7.5 million, MyndYou raised $4 million, Arti raised $4 million, and Gauzy raised some $10 million.

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