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The crisis with a silver lining

Caja Robotics (reported here previously) is another Israeli company that learned how to adapt to the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. It used video in recruitment and communications but despite its robotics systems, Caja focused on the human aspects … Continue reading

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Investment in Israeli startups:

Bizzabo raised $138 million; Envoy raised $81 million; Mitrassist Medical raised $50 million; raised $23 million; Databand raised $14.5 million; Caja Robotics raised $12 million; Tipa raised $4 million; NewRocket raised $1 million;

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Warehouse robots that adapt

Israel’s Caja Robotics installs robotic warehouse Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Caja’s advantage is that it can be installed in almost any warehouse, as it adapts to existing infrastructure. It consists of two types of robot, plus cloud-based Artificially … Continue reading

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