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Support for the immune system

Solabia-Algatech Nutrition based at Kibbutz Ketura has launched BioGlena from whole Euglena gracilis algae grown on the Kibbutz. BioGlena contains over 55% β-glucan polysaccharides, touted as nature’s immune-modulator, helping to prime and support natural immunity.–glucan-301338424.html

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Whole food algae product launched

I’ve reported previously (see here) on Israeli-based startup Algatech and the trials of its AstaPure product. Algatech has just launched AstaPure Arava, suitable to be integrated into multiple food products. AstaPure’s active ingredient astaxanthin can benefit gastro, visual and muscle … Continue reading

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Israeli algae antioxidant protects the skin

I’ve reported previously (see here) on AstaPure – Israel-based Algatech’s algae-derived Astaxanthin, produced at Kibbutz Ketura. A new clinical trial in Japan provides evidence of Astaxanthin’s protective role against skin deterioration caused by ultraviolet (UV) light.

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Growing market for Israeli microalgae

Kibbutz Ketura-based (UK-owned) Algatech has acquired New Zealand’s Supreme Health which, like Algatech, produces the algae anti-oxidant product astaxanthin. Algatech can now use Supreme’s client base to target Asia and especially the Chinese market.,7340,L-3735465,00.html

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Algae products for America

I reported previously (3 times) on Algatechnologies which makes the anti-oxidant, AstaPure®, and other products from microalgae grown in Israel’s Arava desert. AlgaTech has just opened a New York City-based subsidiary to increase sales of its products to the North … Continue reading

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Israel’s antioxidant in Japan

Israel’s Algatechnologies has signed a supply and long-term collaboration agreement with Japan’s Fujifilm Corp. for its AstaPure natural astaxanthin ingredients. Fujifilm already uses Algatech’s astaxanthin antioxidant for its nutrition supplement and cosmetics product line named Astalift.

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Producing algae in the desert

Algatechnologies produces the antioxidant astaxanthin from algae grown in its factory at Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev desert.  Astaxanthin is used in foods, medicines and cosmetics.  The company is investing 60 million shekels to expand the factory to grow new … Continue reading

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Israeli microalgae company sold for $50 million

UK’s Grovepoint Capital has bought Israeli start-up Algatechnologies – manufacturer of AstaPure (astaxanthin) – a powerful antioxidant from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. Asta Pure is used as a nutritional supplement and component in cosmetics.

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