Laser treatment for nail fungus

(Thanks to Atid-EDI) Gentle Pro YAG lasers from Israel’s Syneron Medical can now treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) – affecting 10-12% of the population and especially dangerous for diabetics.  Laser heat is safer than oral alternatives and more effective than topical treatments (i.e. creams). Syneron has also developed a laser that can remove tattoos.

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  1. Lila Lowell says:

    my husband has diabetes and nail fungus. where can he receive laser treatment for the nail fungus in Israel? we are located in Jerusalem.
    thank you for responding.

  2. MichaelOrdman says:

    Shalom Lila

    I don’t know if Syneron have sold any of their Gental Yag Pro lasers in Israel, and even then if the buyer is using it to treat nail fungus. You need to contact Syneron and ask them. Here are their contact details.

    Here is their website page which very briefly mentions the treatment.

    And as the link on my website now seems to go to a site that requires you to register, here is an alternative site with their original press release about the treatment.

    Wishing you luck,

    Best regards


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