Disabled enjoy the sea

Israel’s Blue Flag program together with Netanya Municipality arranged for 12 disabled Israelis to enter the Poleg beach using amphibious chairs with wheels. Israel has 23 beaches accessible for disabled people.


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  1. Cheryll Crystal says:

    My husband Phillip has both of this leg amputated and would love to swim in the sea Phillip had this first leg amputated about 5ears ago The second leg a year ago We take him to the beach so he can enjoy the sun and we put him under the shower to cool if off with this wheelchair But he would love to go into the sea Phillip is on dayleiss 3x time week at Liandio hospital Phillip goes on Sunday Teuseday and Thursaday to dayleiss …I take him on Monday and Wednesday to the beach in Netanya If you don can to Netanya please could you contract us . Thanking you kindly Cheryll Crystal …P S We speak English only

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