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European gas pipeline deal signed

I reported previously (see here) on the progress of the planned pipeline to take up to 20 billion cubic meters per year of Israeli natural gas to mainland Europe. Israel has now signed an agreement with Cyprus, Greece and Italy … Continue reading

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European gas pipeline project advances

Following previous pledges, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding for constructing an underwater gas pipeline from the Eastern Mediterranean region to Greece and Italy, to transport Cypriot and Israeli gas reserves to mainland Europe.

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The world’s longest underwater gas pipeline

Italy, Israel, Greece and Cyprus have pledged to move ahead with the world’s longest undersea natural gas pipeline from the eastern Mediterranean to southern Europe, with support from the European Union. The $6.2 billion pipeline will take Israeli and Cyprus … Continue reading

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Israel, Greece, Cyprus agree on pipeline and rescue force

Ministers of Israel, Greece and Cyprus met in Jerusalem and agreed to push for a pipeline to Europe, which wants to reduce dependence on Russian gas. They also agreed to establish a new regional rescue and emergency services force. … Continue reading

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Sharing gas facilities with Cyprus

In order to exploit the full potential of the offshore natural gas reserves of each country, Cyprus and Israel have agreed to expand cooperation, including pipeline and grid sharing as a means of reaching the European market.

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Israeli gas for Europe?

Israel has proposed that EU countries invest in a multi-billion euro pipeline to carry its natural gas to the continent. The pipeline will go via Cyprus, Greece and Italy which all support the idea.

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