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Turn your smartphone into a 3D studio

Israel’s TetaVi (reported here previously) is developing a system to transform a regular smartphone into a portable broadcast-quality video studio. It will enable users to create 3D holograms of themselves and project themselves into a video game, on a concert … Continue reading

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3D testimony from survivors

Israeli non-profit NeVer Again VR is crowdfunding its project to record the testimony of survivors of the Shoah (Holocaust). They are using volumetric video by Israel’s Tetavi (reported here previously) to produce lifelike holograms and keep the message of the … Continue reading

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Investment in Israeli startups (18 Oct 20)

Tipalti raised $150 million; apiiro raised $35 million; Illusive Networks raised $24 million; Access Fintech raised $20 million; Dataloop raised $16 million; SiteAware raised $10 million; Cyberpion raised $8.25 million; Butterfly Medical raised $7 million; TetaVi raised $6 million; Phytolon … Continue reading

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Israeli President visits your home

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin was unhappy that citizens were unable to attend Independence Day events this year due to the pandmic. So, he arranged for an innovative app from Israel’s Tetavi to download a hologram of himself via smartphones into … Continue reading

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Walk through the movie

Israel’s TetaVi has developed “volumetric” Virtual Reality technology that produces true-to-life holograms into which the viewers can immerse themselves. 4-8 portable depth cameras capture very high-resolution videos to make a VR movie that viewers can stand up and walk inside. … Continue reading

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