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Investment in Israeli startups to 6/3/22

Veev raised $400 million; Connecteam raised $120 million; Agritask raised $26 million; Maris-Tech raised $17.8 million (IPO); Tastewise raised $17 million; raised $13 million; Propel (PR) raised $4.5 million; Vensica raised $3 million; raised $2.5 million; MedHub raised … Continue reading

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Top food and ag-tech companies

Ten Israeli companies featured in Forbes top 50 global food tech and top 50 ag-tech companies in 2020. They are Douxmatok, InnovoPro, Hinoman, Future Meat, Tastewise, TIPA, Infarm, CropX, Taranis, and Prosera. All except Infarm have been reported previously in … Continue reading

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Schug is global culinary trend of 2019

The spicy Israeli condiment schug (or zhoug) has been named by Forbes magazine as the top global culinary trend of the year. The Yemeni hot sauce has experienced a 129% increase in social mentions in the US from 2017 to … Continue reading

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The inside story on food trends

Israeli startup Tastewise can transform the strategy and decision-making of companies in the food business with its real-time industry data and predictive analytics. Tastewise is currently focused on the vast US market, but plans to expand, including to Israel where … Continue reading

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