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MobileOCT wins prize for cancer screening program

Israeli start-up MobileOCT has won the 2014 Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project for its program to help residents of the US-Mexican border area detect cervical cancer. MobileOCT’s technology uses mobile phones with added lenses.

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MobileOCT’s melanoma detector is featured by the BBC

And it mentions it is based in Tel Aviv! In the video clip, CEO Ariel Beery says that the hardware can be 3D-printed anywhere, in order to save life.

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Six transformational business awards

Of the 270 global entries at London’s 2019 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards, 10 of the 35 finalists were Israeli. Several won awards, including MobileOCT, TIPA, TuneFork, N-Drip, and Anima.

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Competition to diagnose cervical cancer

I reported previously about Israeli startup MobileODT (was MobileOCT)  that uses smartphones to detect cervical cancer. Now Intel is offering a $50,000 prize to the best algorithm and Artificial Intelligence that can diagnose cancer from MobileODT’s smartphone images.

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Another $8.3million for 11 projects

The Israel-US Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation has approved $8.3 million in new funding for 11 projects involving US and Israeli companies.  The Israeli firms include BrainsGate, MobileOCT, ThetaRay, Orgenesis and Softwheel (from previous newsletters).

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Young innovators solve global problems

Over 70 young Israeli entrepreneurs impressed United Nations representatives at the Israeli Designed International Development (ID2) conference in Caesarea. Innovations demonstrated included plants that give off light at night and MobileOCT’s cervical cancer diagnosis system.

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Device for detecting cervical cancer

A quarter of a million women die of cervical cancer every year. Israel’s MobileOCT has developed an image enhancement device that can detect early stage cancer. MobileOCT just won a $100,000 investment in an Elevator World Tour event in Tel … Continue reading

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