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Investment in Israeli startups to 9/10/22

OX Security raised $34 million; CytoReason raised $20 million from Pfizer; Kahun raised $8 million; LayerX Security raised $7.5 million; Onyxia raised $5 million; Anina raised $3.3 million; SensePass raised $3 million;

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AI engine thinks like a doctor

Israel’s Kahun (see here previously) has expanded from merely a Covid-19 diagnosis system to a full “digital medical advisor”. Its XAI engine bases its clinical reasoning decisions on Kahun’s proprietary map of over 30 million evidence-based medical insights.

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COVID-19 decision support for doctors

Israeli startup Kahun uses Artificial Intelligence to retrieve vital data for medical professionals on the coronavirus. Kahun’s algorithm mimics the diagnosis process in searching over 2,500 research papers to help physicians make fast vital decisions. Also open to the public. … Continue reading

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