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Wireless charging anywhere you want it

I reported previously (17th June) on Israel’s Humavox and its smart recharging technology. It is now promising to turn everyday places (e.g. handbags, briefcases, drawers, even toy boxes) into wireless battery chargers.

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Israeli wireless charging for Black & Decker tools

I reported previously (see here) on Israel’s Humavox and its microscopic device, small enough to re-charge hearing aids wirelessly.  Now toolmaker Stanley Black & Decker has invested in Humavox, intending to add its technology to Black & Decker products.,7340,L-3740119,00.html

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More power to your hearing

I reported previously (May 29) on the rechargeable hearing aid technology from Israel’s Humavox.  Now leading hearing technology firm Starkey will integrate Humavox’s wireless charging into Starkey’s advanced hearing devices.  Simply put the hearing aid in its box to recharge … Continue reading

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Recharge your hearing aid wirelessly

Israel’s Humavox uses proprietary radio frequency (RF) to recharge hearing aids.  Humavox’s flexible hardware platform, ETERNA, includes the smallest power receiver available in the market, making it able to fit into the tiniest of hearing aids.

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