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Another AI virtual sales assistant

Israel’s Winn.AI offers a real-time AI assistant that unobtrusively monitors sales calls and captures key data so salespeople don’t need to take notes or manually update the system. (See also Israel’s

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Investment in Israeli startups: 13/12/20

Wiz raised $100 million; Firebolt raised $32 million; Salt Security raised $30 million; SeeTree raised $30 million; Biosight raised $27million; Brainsgate raised $14 million; Gigantic (Clawee) raised $7 million; Cylus raised $7 million; SixAI raised $5 million; myInterview raised $5 … Continue reading

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An AI marketing assistant

Israeli-founded uses Artificial Intelligence to work alongside sales reps. It emails and web chats with prospective customers, handling the mundane tasks 24×7 while reps close deals. It personalizes answers to queries just like a human assistant, books meetings for … Continue reading

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