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We heard you’re not well

Several Israeli companies (see here) have AI technology to detect health issues by monitoring the voice of the patient. Now, two of them (Beyond Verbal and Healthymize) have merged to form Vocalis Health. Its initial focus is on cardiovascular and … Continue reading

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Time to get emotional

I reported previously (see here) on Israel’s Beyond Verbal whose voice technology understands the emotions in human speech in multiple languages.  It has applications for business, marketing, games, media and more.  No wonder Beyond Verbal has just attracted $3 million … Continue reading

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Talking the same language

The new Empath app from Israeli startup Beyond Verbal recognizes human moods, attitudes and emotional characteristics from human voice intonations in real-time. Beyond Verbal has registered 18 scientific discoveries and a battery of patents for enabling machines to recognize human … Continue reading

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It’s how you say it

Voice emotion recognition developer Beyond Verbal has launched a patented technology that can extract, decode, and measure a full spectrum of human emotions from a person’s raw voice. Based on 18 years of research, its emotional detection engines understand someone’s … Continue reading

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