Hi-tech reveals hidden text in Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls digitization project has used advanced imaging technology developed for NASA to reveal script invisible to the human eye. New fragments were discovered and identified from the books of Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Psalms, Jubilees and the Temple Scroll.

Israel is exceptional

Evelyn Gordon’s pre-Independence Day article explains why 90% of Israelis classify themselves as Zionists. Also, despite “complaining” being almost “the national sport”, Israelis are among the world’s happiest people.

The next Jerusalem embassy – Paraguay

Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes told attendees at a special event marking Israel’s 70th anniversary that his country would relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. President Cartes said he hoped to perform the relocation before the end of his term in mid-August.

How Israel evacuated Ethiopian Jews from Sudan

Great story on the BBC website about the Israeli scuba diving center on the Sudanese coast that was really a secret base from which Israel’s Mossad ran “Operation Moses” – flying thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel from their temporary camp in the Sudan desert.

Keeping the Land beautiful

The Beautiful Land Initiative (BLI) aims to clean up the litter in Israel through the help of volunteers and businesses. Israel is holy and needs to be kept clean and beautiful. Their Pesach video shows them cleaning up the Kinneret shore.

$70 million for Taglit-Birthright

On the eve of Israel's 70th Independence Day, Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson surprised the 650 audience at the 18th annual Taglit-Birthright Israel gala by donating $70 million to the project. Since its inception in 2000, Taglit-Birthright has brought over 600,000 Jewish youths to Israel.

Jerusalem embassy for Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is to start moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Czech President Miloš Zeman, ended his speech at a Prague Castle event to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary with “Next Year in Jerusalem”.

Mezuzah for US Jerusalem embassy

As part of the May 14 ceremony to mark the official opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, a mezuzah will be affixed to the embassy building. The U.S. embassy will initially be situated in what is now the U.S. Consulate building, whilst a new building is being constructed.

70 years in 2 minutes

Quite amazing to see what Israel has achieved in such a short time.

The future of Israel looks good

Professor Efraim Inbar is President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies. He analyzes Israel positively in terms of its security, economy, society, democracy, and international relations.