Connecting diaspora Jewish girls with Israel

The Naale/Elite Academy brings Jewish teenage girls from around the world for a free high school matriculation program in top Israeli religious educational institutions all over Israel.  Naale is fully subsidized and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The land of (soy) milk and (date) honey

The World Zionist Organization is using Israel’s vegan culture to cultivate connections between Israel and the rest of world Jewry and non-Jewry.  It recently ran vegan workshops for attendees of Berlin’s first-ever, weeklong Jewish food festival, Nosh Berlin.

Party benchers with a difference

Israeli startup Let’s Bench allows party organizers to print personalized Grace After Meals benchers (birkonim) (booklets and cards) for their celebrations.  Family photos can be incorporated throughout.

Temple menorah at UNESCO

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is placing a replica of the Second Temple menorah (candelabra) on permanent display at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. The statue, similar to that on Rome’s Titus Arch, will also include a written explanation in English, French, Hebrew and Arabic.

1900-year-old Roman road discovered

Israeli archaeologists and student volunteers have unearthed a 2nd-century road near Beit Shemesh that connected the Roman settlement at Beit Natif with Jerusalem. Coins were also found including from the Great Jewish Revolt in 67 CE and others from 29 CE and 41 CE.

Proclaiming the Good News

The Founder and Editor of this newsletter was interviewed by Kevin Howard of the Christian Friends of Israel.  The program was broadcast on 200 radio stations in the USA alone.  You can listen to it here – Click on the following link and then press [page down] to see the line “Proclaiming the Good News” and then click on the green arrow.

It’s Purim

Whether it’s a gang of small girls dressed like superheroes or a crew of grown men dressed as fairies, it’s a clear sign that Purim is here, and the entire country is celebrating.

Fixing a mezuzah to a biotech

Only in Israel - Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh fixed a new mezuzah at the new Jerusalem offices of Israeli biotech NovellusDx. He also spoke about how vital it was to heal the sick.

Bus driver returns lost $20,000 to owner

Haifa Egged bus driver Ataf Tatur found a wallet containing $20,000 in a bag left on his bus.  Ataf and the Egged branch director called the owners who came to collect the bag.  An Egged spokesperson said "This is the accepted norm in Egged, and it is what we expect from those behind the wheel".

Modest Fashion Day

Jerusalem’s "Modest Fashion Day" was Israel's first major fashion show for Orthodox Jewish women who require conservative outfits. Israeli models hit the catwalk in front of hundreds of Orthodox women and fashionistas, wearing long sleeves and dresses down to their ankles.