Latest Israeli stamps

New Israeli stamps issued in February include Yotvata Hai-Bar (animal reserve) - 50 Years; WWI in Eretz Israel Centenary; Israel Television - 50 Years and Trains in Israel.

The truth about Apartheid

Great video, highlighting how Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens have equal rights.

“Lost tribe” returns to pray in Jerusalem

After their exile from Israel 2,700 years ago, members of the “lost tribe” of Bnei Menashe finally arrived in Jerusalem for an emotional, early-morning prayer service at the Western Wall.

Na Na – it cannot be!

It’s common to see (and hear) the sub-group of Breslover Hasidim dancing and singing on Israeli streets.  But this sight of one dancing on top of a car with a Palestinian Arab is somewhat unusual.

My choice is Israel

Fred Maroun frequently writes blogs favorably comparing Israel against Arab states. In this article he explains why although he is Arab by birth, he is Zionist by choice.

Remains from the time of Judea’s Kings

After five years of excavations, Israel has inaugurated a Nature Park at Ein Hanya, near Jerusalem. Finds at the site include a column capital typical of royal structures from the First Temple era 2,400 to 2,800 years ago, and one of the oldest coins ever discovered in the Jerusalem area.

70 orchards for 70 years

Between now (Tu B’Shvat – New Year for Trees) and the 70th birthday of the State of Israel, Israeli farmers aim to plant 70 new orchards each containing hundreds of fruit trees and vines.  To join in the Mitzvah of planting fruit trees in the Land of Israel, please visit this site and watch the video.

Aliyah “On Eagles Wings”

This week’s Torah portion includes the famous phrase “I carried you on the wings of eagles and I brought you to Me”.  As this video explains, this links to the 1950s Aliya of Yemenite Jews in Operation Magic Carpet. But it also reverberates with every new immigrant who arrives at Ben Gurion airport.

Fulfilling a dream

Israeli cancer charity Ezer Mizion has a special program called “Fulfilling A Dream” that enables lonely, disabled elderly housebound people to choose an event they wish to experience. In this article two holocaust survivors (one 90, the other 99) are taken on the trips of their dreams.

11-year-old girl raises money for Puerto Rica

11-year-old Israeli Meital Sterntha is halfway to raising $4000 to purchase 100 water filters for the citizens of Puerto Rica still rebuilding after devastating hurricanes. In honor of her Bat Mitzvah, Meital founded PuertoTiko, which hand-makes and sells textile bags to raise aid money.