“Celebrate Israel” parade

I know it’s late, but I must include an article about the 40,000 US supporters of Israel who marched, sang and danced along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue on June 4th to show their support for the Jewish State.  Earlier, the Empire State Building was lit up in blue and white – the colors of the Israeli flag. .

Israel Book Week

The 56th annual Israel Book Week featured book fairs in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Rishon Lezion, while book stores offered discounts all across the country. For the first time, Jerusalem hosted both the Hebrew Book Week fair and the International Book Fair at the same time. 7,600 books were published in 2016.

Students uncover reservoir in Kingdom of Israel

High-school students have exposed a huge 2,700-year-old water system near Rosh Ha-Ayin. They also found remains of vessels used to draw water from the reservoir. The reservoir would have been in the Kingdom of Israel, which was conquered by the Assyrians in 720 BCE.

Found in the Galilee – Jonah and the Whale

Archaeologists excavating a 1500-year-old synagogue at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee have unearthed mosaics featuring the Biblical stories of Jonah and of the Tower of Babel. Previous digs at the site have revealed mosaics of Noah’s Ark and the Splitting of the Sea.

Haredi platoon’s first parachute drop

The Haredi Hetz platoon of the IDF’s elite Paratroopers Brigade successfully conducted their first drops after completing a rigorous parachuting course.

200 new Olim arrive from France

The largest Keren Hayesod-Jewish Agency flight of olim from France this summer has landed at Ben-Gurion Airport. Israel’s Health Ministry now recognizes French medical degrees, and a new bill automatically recognizes medical credentials of immigrants from EU countries.

The top 10 finds proving Jerusalem belongs to Israel

Ze’ev Orenstein takes us on a tour of the City of David in Jerusalem to completely dispel recent ridiculous UNESCO resolutions.

From Cuban prison to freedom in Israel

Alan Gross was sent to prison in Cuba for five years for setting up Internet access for Cubans. He was released in Dec 2014 and made Aliya in May.

900 on Montreal Mega Mission

More than 900 people, one of whom is 100 years old, came to Israel on the Federation CJA’s Montreal Mega Mission. The trip attracted 100 first-time visitors to Israel and 116 return visitors from the last trip organized by Federation CJA in 2014, which had (only) 600 participants.

One million reasons to love Israel

Here, some Israeli children give perceptive views about their country.