Palestinian Arab discovers he’s Jewish

A young Palestinian Arab was brought up as a Muslim and taught at an UNRWA school to despise Jews, but all of that changed when he took a closer look at his own family tree. Now he’s taken the name Mordechai Yosef and works to expose the incitement that UNRWA teaches.

A land without people

A collector of ancient maps from Ramat Gan has an historical map prepared by a British survey mission at the end of the 19th Century. The map proves that prior to the first Aliyah the Land was meager and empty. It verifies the Zionist claim: "A people without a land to a land without people"

Shabbat Shalom, your new kidney awaits you

A life-saving kidney for a religious Jewish resident of Beit Shemesh became available on a Friday night. Israeli police officers rushed him to hospital in a patrol car for emergency transplant surgery. On Saturday night the police were informed that the operation was successful.

Arguments for the sake of Heaven

The Bible Study meeting at the Jerusalem residence of Israel’s President was entitled “The Power of Disagreement and the Culture of Discourse”. President Rivlin said “I believe in the strength of the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, and so I have no doubt that argument will flourish.”

Israel railways finds wedding cash

When French tourists lost a bundle of 4,200 euros on Israel railways, staff launched an extensive search operation, locating the money at the station where the couple had boarded. The couple were delighted - the money being a wedding present for their grandson, a new Oleh living in Netanya.

Chabad shul’s 3-minute lifesavers

When Eli Beer of Israeli Emergency Medical Service United Hatzalah spoke about his organization at the Village Shul (Chabad) of Hampstead, UK, he emphasized that a 3-minute response time was vital.  Three minutes later, the community had raised £54,000 for the paramedic service.

Weird ways Israel won its Independence

While modern-day Israel is a force to be reckoned with, in its early days, its military might was pretty much non-existent. See the history of the Davidka, Soda bottle bombs and the Burma Road.  And Israeli chutzpah!

Birthright is still growing

The Taglit-Birthright program in 2018 brought a record 48,000-plus young Jews from 67 countries to see Israel for the first time. In total 650,000 Jews have had the 10-day Birthright experience, and now Birthright is piloting 7-day tours for young adults aged 27 to 32.

How Israel got into space

In 1961 the US-Russian space race was in full swing. Meanwhile, German scientists were helping Egypt build missiles to attack Israel. So Israeli PM David Ben Gurion ordered Rafael (Israel’s armaments authority) to demonstrate Israel’s capabilities by building Israel’s first rocket into space.

Shared taxis are a vehicle for kindness

Israel’s monit sherut is a shared 10-seater taxi alternative to the bus. Fares and change are passed between passengers and the driver. Strangers converse, visitors receive directions, and the elderly give advice to the young. The sherut provides positive shared experiences.