Keep watching the skies

On 20th March, Israel’s SpaceIL plans to initiate the next maneuver of its Beresheet spacecraft, advancing it from its current 270,00 km maximum orbit into a 400,000 km maximum orbit. It will then attempt to achieve Lunar Capture on 4 April.  Watch this space!  

Beresheet takes a selfie and fires up

Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft to the moon, took a selfie of itself and the Earth some 37,600 km above our planet. The photo shows the Israeli flag, “Small Country Big Dreams” and “Am Yisrael Chai” (the Nation of Israel Lives). Beresheet then blasted into a new 270,000km maximum orbit.

Dutch to use Israeli water-based fuel

I reported previously on Israeli-founded Electriq-Global which extracts hydrogen from water to power electric vehicles. Electriq-Global is partnering Dutch company Eleqtec to power an eMobility solution for trucks, barges and mobile generators in the Netherlands in 2020.

Helping you to get fit

Israel’s Matok V’Kal has launched Fit4style Energy Spray - a refreshing 6-calorie, zero-caffeine, quick-shot mint-flavored spray to help boost stamina during high-endurance workouts and sports activities. Lightweight and user-friendly, it gives both mind and body the motivation to continue exercising.

New kosher snack is out of this world

Israeli food and beverage manufacturer Strauss is developing a new snack “the Astro” with technology similar to that used by NASA to make food for astronauts. The nutritional cube is made from freeze-dried and pressed vegetables, fruits, and grains. It’s easy to store – not mushroom!

Protecting the nations

Israeli security companies CyberArk, Check Point and FST Biometrics are in hot demand as world leaders and national security and defense teams attempt to pre-empt cyber threats capable of compromising the safety of entire nations.

The cybersecurity system that sees all

Customers using the Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform from Israel’s Axonius get a single point of view of all IT devices, automatically. They can then answer the question: are my devices secure? Axonius has just raised $13 million of funds.

A database that everyone wants

Israeli-founded Redis Labs develops, and markets database management software based on the Redis open source database. Customers include Microsoft, American Express, Home Depot, MasterCard and Vodafone. Redis has just raised $60 million including from Goldman Sachs and Dell.

Automating repetitive tasks

Israel’s Kryon Systems helps businesses set up 'virtual workforces' comprised of software robots that can execute repetitive tasks on enterprise applications. Using Kryon’s unique Robotic Process Automation (RPA, the virtual workforce, becomes an integral part of an enterprise’s greater workforce.

Manufacturing apps transform operations

Israeli-founded Tulip Interfaces offers manufacturers a no-code platform for creating digital tools and applications. These provide user-friendly instructions to workers and vital data on how to improve efficiency. Tulip is one of over 200 Israeli-founded companies in Massachusetts USA.