High-speed Virtual Reality

Israel’s Giraffic has joined forces with Israeli-founded Byond to launch Mobile VR Magic - the first mobile Virtual Reality (VR) video experience that delivers flawless and uninterrupted HD and 4K streaming in real time. No more buffering pauses or resolution reduction.

Can you survive a cyber-attack

Israel’s Cymulate has developed a platform to simulate cyber-attacks in real-time. It helps an enterprise prepare for ransom and fishing attacks, and detect breaches through which hackers can take over its computers and apps. Cymulate has just raised $3 million of funds.

Smart paper sounds alarm if stolen

Israel’s Sdema has developed a thin invisible network called Tagit that functions as a sensor for secure paper documents. It works even when the paper is torn, folded, or crumpled. As soon as the paper is taken out of the area defined as a protected area, the system issues a warning.

Removing viruses from drinking water

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University and the University of Illinois have developed a novel hydrogel membrane coating that significantly improve the virus-removal process from treated municipal wastewater.

Don’t finance the bad guys

Israeli startup Taykey has developed a tool that enables advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing on malicious websites. It checks a site is safe for the advert to be hosted.  In 2016, offensive websites earned hundreds of millions of dollars by sharing profits with advertisers.

Exposing land mines using glowing bacteria

Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have discovered that buried explosives leak vapors that cause engineered e-coli bacteria to emit fluorescent molecules.  Remote laser scanners detect the glowing molecules, giving explosives experts the exact locations of the deadly devices.

Pulling water out of the air at AIPAC

Israel’s Water-Gen has been in the limelight recently. Professor Alan Dershowitz presented the company’s GENius device on stage at the AIPAC conference. Water-Gen has just signed agreements with Vietnam and India.  

Flex launches new Israeli design center

Multi-national electronics manufacturer Flex has inaugurated its new Israeli design center in Haifa.  Customers can now take products through from design to mass-production. Israel accounts for 50% of Flex’s global innovation, with seven Israeli sites, employing 4000 Israelis.

Imaging in the 4th dimension

I reported previously about Israel’s Arbe Robotics and its radar-based traffic control system for drones. Arbe is now developing 4D imaging technology for autonomous vehicles, based on radar instead of cameras and sensors. Arbe has just raised $2.5 million to fund development.

Tel Aviv – the World’s 7th greenest city

Tel Aviv, Israel, is among the greenest cities in the world, ranking No. 7 on a prestigious list compiled recently by MIT researchers in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.  260,000 trees cover Tel Aviv’s 52 square km, excluding those in parks. Green initiatives include city-sponsored bicycle and car-sharing services.