Technion and Cornell open New York campus

Cornell Tech has officially dedicated its new campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, home of a major academic partnership between Cornell University and the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Over 500 people attended the inauguration.

Car sharing in Tel Aviv

I reported previously that Israel’s Car2Go would be launching its Auto Tel car sharing service in Tel Aviv this summer.  Since July, 170 Auto Tel vehicles have been in operation. Subscribers book a car 15 mins in advance via a smartphone app.

IAF training system now does soccer

I reported previously on Israel’s PlaySight and its SmartCourt training system that began life training Israeli Air Force pilots. It was adapted for tennis training, basketball and now soccer with SmartPitch’s launch at the Soccerex convention in Manchester, UK.

Superior quality photos and video

More on the miniaturized hyperspectral technology developed at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University . It now can be made as an add-on for a standard camera. Using compression sampling, it generates high quality images and video faster and far cheaper than currently available commercial devices.

Czechs see innovative Israeli city bio-filter

I reported previously on the JNF hybrid bio-filter for purifying and recycling rainwater runoff at the Israeli city of Kfar Saba. Before attending Israel’s WATEC conference, the Czech delegation were shown the bio-filter as a possible solution to their polluted run-off water.

Low sodium vegetarian food

Israel’s Salt of the Earth recently completed a series of trials of plant-based, vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives. They demonstrated the ability to create tasty meat substitutes with less sodium.

A toxin against corn rootworm

Israeli biotech Evogene has announced positive results in its Insect Control Seed Trait Program and that it had developed the first toxin against Western corn rootworm.

Wave power for Mexico

I reported previously on Israel’s Eco Wave-Power and its systems for generating energy from the sea.  Now, Eco Wave-Power is to build Mexico’s first such facility - a 4.1 MW plant at the Manzanillo Port in the state of Colima along the country’s southwestern Pacific Ocean shore.

Cutting-edge tech to counter cyber threats

US giant Intel Corp. is teaming up with two Israeli cybersecurity firms – Team8 and Illusive Networks to design and develop solutions for repelling cyber-attacks. Intel is also opening a new cybersecurity center that will operate in both Jerusalem and Haifa.

UK conference to share cybersecurity solutions

The UK Israel Tech Hub organized a three-day TeXchange conference in London to share solutions to prevent cyber-attacks. UK firms attending included Aviva Insurance, BT, Goldman Sachs, RBS and Visa. At least a dozen Israeli security startups presented.