VR brings ancient Jerusalem to life

A new virtual reality (VR) app brings ancient Jerusalem to life. Available on Google Play: or on the App Store:

Power if your aircraft engine fails

Israel’s Ashot Ashkelon unveiled HYSKY 60 - its emergency aircraft hybrid engine at the Paris Air Show.  The 20kg propulsion unit will provide up to 15 minutes of extra time for light aircraft whose main engine stops working. The system can also add power to assist the plane in taking off.

Permits for driverless cars on Israeli roads

Israel’s Transport Ministry has granted permits for both GM and Mobileye to test their autonomous cars on Israeli roads. GM Israel general manager Gil Golan said, “What we are developing today in Israel could contribute to and influence the future of transportation, lifestyle and culture generally."

The future of AR

Apple's Israeli PrimeSense team has developed a 3D camera system intended for Augmented Reality (AR) use. It features a light beam for optical 3D mapping and depth sensing. Connected to Apple’s AR glasses, it can interact with a hovering holographic interface, just by moving your hands.

The world’s longest underwater gas pipeline

Italy, Israel, Greece and Cyprus have pledged to move ahead with the world’s longest undersea natural gas pipeline from the eastern Mediterranean to southern Europe, with support from the European Union. The $6.2 billion pipeline will take Israeli and Cyprus gas to Europe.

3D printing spare parts when needed

Israeli Cloud-computing startup LEO Lane enables companies to print high-quality 3D parts locally, when they need them, saving most of their warehouse storage costs. LEO Lane has signed a cooperation and integration agreement with SAP estimated in the millions of dollars.

Cybersecurity Solution of the Year

Israeli cybersecurity company Indegy has been named “IoT Security Solution of the Year” by Computing magazine. It is also one of US data company CB Insights’ “Companies to watch”. Indegy’s software protects key energy and water utilities and manufacturers from cyber-attacks.  

A firewall with insurance

Israel’s Waterfall Security is very confident of its Unidirectional Security Gateway system, designed to protect critical systems from being attacked. Waterfall has teamed up with global insurance giants CNA Hardy and THB to offer cyber insurance to anyone purchasing their product.

Recording the past

Past Recorder by Israel’s Ajeera Apps constantly records in the background, saving the last 10 mins of whatever it has picked up. If, within 10 mins, you realize you wish you had recorded something, you can enter the app and save any portion of that conversation or music. Even capture your child's first words.

Communications system for Russian commercial airliner

I’ve reported previously on Israel’s Orbit Technologies. Orbit's Orion communications management system was recently successfully installed and integrated into the new Russian MC-21 passenger jet.