EcoMotion 2018

Israel’s sixth annual Ecomotion smart transportation conference is attracting an impressive list of auto industry VIPs. They include Volkswagen’s heads of Audi, SEAT and Skoda; a senior delegation from Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and senior execs from Toyota’s AI Ventures and Research Institute.

Thousands see Israeli innovations

Israel hosts four major international exhibitions in May where innovative Israeli technology is on show. FoodTechIL (May 7); AgriVest (May 8); AgriTech Israel (May 8-10); MIXiii-Biomed (May 15-17);

Mimic nature to make better designs

I reported previously on the Hebrew University’s use of nature to make a better world. The organization Biomimicry promotes these types of solutions that meet global challenges (e.g. Israel’s Seevix’s artificial spidersilk fibers). Biomimicry’s Tel Aviv conference is on Jun 14.

Israel hosts global science conference

23 science ministers are scheduled to attend “The First International Ministerial-Level Scientific Conference: Thinking Out of the Box,” in Jerusalem.  Even more countries plan to send lower-level delegations, including chief scientists.

Driverless trucks

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is unveiling new products that could potentially revolutionize mining and quarrying. IAI's robotics factory has developed technology for utilizing autonomous vehicles in heavy mechanical equipment used in mining and development work.

Where to rent or buy in NYC

Israel’s (a subsidiary of real estate data company Madlan) has launched a website that allows anyone to search any address in New York City, receive a view of what it's like to live there today and learn about future changes. has just raised $8 million of funds.

Spreading its roots

I reported previously about Israel’s Rootility that develops root-focused plant breeding methods that increase crop yields, and improve plant tolerances to heat, cold, and soil borne diseases. Rootility has just raised $10 million of funds to help it expand international sales and the crops it develops.

IBM accelerates Israeli startups

I’ve reported previously on IBM’s Alphazone startup accelerator which has been supporting and advancing Israeli startups since 2014. Gil May Tal – IBM Israel’s Head of Startup & Development Ecosystem – went on ILTV to describe Alphazone’s successes and its 2018 program.

Ironic? Another system to detect plagiarism

Funny – I reported only two weeks ago of an Israeli system to detect where students copy material and pass it off as their own original work.  Now here is another one.  Idan Frost went on ILTV to explain his system, called “Originality”.

If you can Screenshot it, you can find it

I reported previously on the launch of Israeli-founded Screenshop which uses photos of an object on your phone to find the object for sale on-line. CTO & co-founder Jonathan Caras said on ILTV that his company has had more partnership requests than it can handle.