Real-time mapping app saves lives

The First Response app from Israeli-US Edgybees helps rescuers by overlaying live video UAV feeds with maps, power lines and distress signals. It saved lives during Hurricane Irma and California wildfires. Edgybees has just raised $5.5 million of funding and showcased at AIPAC.

Making roads more intelligent

When I reported recently on the smart road sensors from Israel’s Valerann, I forgot to mention that Valerann won the 2017 Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge of Highways UK and will participate in the Intelligent Mobility program at Telefonica’s London-based startup accelerator Wayra..

Mentoring global aerospace startups

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is partnering with the US-based Starburst Ventures – a global aerospace startup incubator. IAI will take part in selecting the startups and offer mentoring, technological collaboration and investment to startups whose technology is applicable to IAI.

WakeUp gets US patent

I reported previously about WakeUp - the natural beverage solution to post-lunch fatigue developed by Israel’s InnoBev. WakeUp has just received a US patent, which is timely as energy drinks are under scrutiny due to concerns over negative health effects.

AI contract analysis beats human experts

I reported previously on the artificial intelligence (AI) of Israel’s LawGeex that saves businesses of the time and expense required to review and approve everyday contracts. Now a US study shows that the software is 94% accurate compared to 85% for experienced lawyers.

SEAT incorporates Israeli driver monitoring system

Volkswagen’s Barcelona subsidiary SEAT is integrating in-car driver monitoring systems from Israel’s eyeSight Mobile Technologies in its vehicles. EyeSight’s infrared sensors monitor the driver’s alertness and will warn the driver or take proactive action.

Cisco to help digitize Israel

Chuck Robbins, CEO of US technology giant Cisco, has come to Israel to participate in the launch of Cisco’s country digitization acceleration (CDA) program. CDA will install tech hubs in 24 peripheral communities and connect them to Tel Aviv’s economic and technological center.

Another alternative to GPS

I reported previously that Israeli startup Hoopo has developed a geolocation estimation algorithm as an alternative to GPS. Now Israel’s Deeyook has invented a mobile wireless location sensor that utilizes direction data from all available Wi-Fi networks and cellular base stations.

A computer mouse for amputees

Israeli startup 6Degrees has developed an armband that replaces the computer mouse, enabling users with disabilities to control devices through arm movement. The motion is translated by Bluetooth into cursor movement on a tablet, smartphone or computer, just like a traditional mouse.

Research center to fight crime

The Israeli police and Ben-Gurion University have partnered to launch the Center for Computational Criminology in Be'er Sheva. Its aim is to use hi-tech methods such as big data to transform the nature of criminal investigations and help law enforcers prevent crime.