No stopping this robot

Ben Gurion University engineers Dr David Zarrouk and Liran Yehezkel have developed RSTAR (Rising Star) - a new highly maneuverable search and rescue robot. It can creep, crawl and climb over rough or soft terrain without getting stuck; through tight spaces and even vertically.

Nanotechnology Conference

The Nano.IL conference (9th - 11th Oct) in Jerusalem will connect companies, universities, corporate research scientists, investors and government representatives from around the world. It features cutting-edge innovations, new technologies and presentations by top scientists.

Innovation Festival – DLD Tel Aviv 2018

DLD (Digital Life Design) Tel Aviv (Sep 3 – 6), celebrates Israel’s tech and innovation ecosystem. Thousands of guests from 110 international delegations will attend the two-day digital conference and a three-day innovation festival. Here is a list of free events, mostly open to the public.

Reading the web to the visually impaired

Thanks to AI technology developed in Israel, Google’s Go app can now read articles and web content out loud in 28 supported languages. Go is a lightweight, faster version of Google’s flagship search engine, primarily for devices with little space and unreliable internet connections,

Remote control for driverless cars

I reported previously on Israel’s LiveU whose technology streams live video for the BBC, Fox News, Sky, CNN, Facebook etc.  Its remote-control technology is now sought by autonomous car makers in California who are required to monitor road testing by remote control.

Mini-firewall to protect Internet of Things

Israeli cybersecurity giant Check Point is focused on protecting the Internet of Things (IoT) - any device connected to the Internet. A company photo shows CEO Gil Shwed reportedly holding Check Point’s exciting next generation security product, entitled “Nano Security”.

Really smart customer service

Israeli startup 7Twenty’s aim is to put customers and business in touch for the digital age. Whether through the phone, social media, email, chat, video etc., enterprises, such as BNP Paribas, can communicate effectively with their customers, using 7Twenty’s innovative hi-tech platform.

Startup wins Euro sports-tech award

Israel’s Track160 won the 2018 European SportsTech competition in Hamburg. Track160 is developing a fully automatic team sports analytics service using deep learning technology. The system tracks player and ball position and produces performance and tactical metrics.

Chilean cherries to China

Israeli-based StePac together with Israel’s Tadbik have developed Xgo modified atmosphere resealable lidding film to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruit and reduce waste. It will be showcased at the Asia Fruit Logistica trade show in Hong Kong and used initially to ship cherries from Chile to China.

Why Israeli bees are thriving

Although I posted the video on World Bee Day , this article explains why Israel’s bee population is increasing, in contrast to that of the rest of the world. It is mainly due to the vast planting of trees that are essential for protecting the bees’ habitat.