The Aliya Initiative – training for hi-tech jobs

The Aliya Initiative is a free, four-day workshop in Tel Aviv that provides Olim (immigrants) with the necessary skills to join the Israeli startup scene. The initiative of Israeli venture capital firm Aleph VC helps find work for immigrants, plus addresses the hi-tech skills shortage.

Electricity from bacteria

Researchers from Israel’s Technion have developed an energy-producing system from photosynthetic bacteria, also known as cyanobacteria. The bacteria use photosynthesis to generate energy from sunlight. This energy can be harvested as hydrogen and then used to generate electricity.

1,000 times faster than flash

Israeli startup Weebit Nano has developed non-volatile computer memory that is a thousand times faster than flash memory (e.g. on a USB stick) and uses only one-thousandth as much power. The company plans to launch a commercial product in 2020.

New Samsung smartphone includes Israeli facial recognition

Samsung’s new smartphone, the Galaxy S10, is reported to feature facial recognition technology by Israeli startup Mantis Vision. Mantis Vision develops 3D scanning technologies used to create 3D content for a wide range of applications.

Making (infused) water out of wine

Anat Levi, CEO of Israel’s Wine Water Ltd, uses grape skins, seeds and sustainable processes to make O.Vine - infused spring water. Grape skins and seeds are rich in phytochemicals - shown to have positive health benefits. A tasty, nutritious product, using waste material from the wine industry.

Clean the air, not replace it

Israeli startup enVerid eliminates a leading cause of energy waste in buildings by cleaning the inside air instead of continuously replacing it. EnVerid has just been selected as one of the 2018 Red Herring Top 100 North America Awards finalists.

More protection for cars

Israel-based international automotive technology provider ERM Advanced Telematics has developed eCyber – a hardware-software product that protects vehicles against ransomware and other cyberattacks. It is unique in that it can be installed by authorized parties after the car has left the factory.

Royal approval

One of the four startups presented to Prince William on his official visit to Israel was AlgoBrix.- an educational system that teaches young children how write code to operate robots.

8 of 61 WEF’s Technology Pioneers are Israeli

Eight Israeli startups are on the World Economic Forum’s 2018 list of 61 Technology Pioneers. They include Innoviz , Precognize , Vayyar , Aqua Security, Raycatch, XM Cyber, Utilis and Water-Gen .

US-Israel Energy & Water Center

I reported previously of the US-Israeli plan to establish a joint energy research center. In March, the US Congress and Israeli Government each appropriated $4 million for the center. Now the two energy chiefs have signed a formal implementation agreement.