US approves focused ultrasound for Parkinson’s

I’ve reported on the success of Israel’s Insightec in treating patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and essential tremor. Insightec has just received FDA approval for the life-changing Exablate Neuro treatment to be used on US PD patients.

US approval for 3D heart imaging system

I reported previously on Israel’s CathWorks and its FFRangio real-time AI 3D imaging of the coronary tree to help surgeons perform heart catheterizations. The US FDA has just given approval for the unique visualization system, which already has European CE certification.

Keeping your sugar intake in check

I’ve reported previously on Israel’s Sweetch and its app to help pre-diabetics maintain a healthy lifestyle. This article describes how Sweetch is so personal, it can even detect the weather and suggest indoor activities on cold wintry days. See the Get.Up app .

Lung function testing from home

Asthma and COPD sufferers will pleased to hear that Israel’s NE Field diagnostics has a simple pulmonary (lung function) test for use at home. Breathe normally into the A-Spire device and a smartphone app checks the results, saving vast numbers of unnecessary hospital visits.

An app to help communicate

When Ayelet Avraham saw a deaf person having problems buying a cell phone, she and another student at the Holon Institute of Technology developed DAS (Deaf Access Solution). DAS uses Google’s Speech Recognizer to translate speech into text and send it to the phone of the relevant nearby person.

Minimally invasive stitching combats obesity

A gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy are two radical procedures to reduce stomach volume and curb obesity. But now Israel’s Nitinotes is developing Endozip - a 30-minute gastrointestinal automated suturing system, inserted through the mouth with minimal anesthesia.  

New ways to fight viruses & cancer

Parallel international research involving Haifa and Bar Ilan University scientists have discovered the key role of enzyme ADAR1 in the immune system and how it can become a new pathway for eradicating viruses and cancers.

Brain bleed diagnostic finds 140,000 anomalies

I reported previously on Israel’s Aidoc and its AI tool for analyzing brain scans to detect a hemorrhage or risk of a bleed. Now in use at 50 medical institutions, Aidoc has analyzed 300,000 scans and detected 140,000 anomalies.

Why LDL cholesterol is bad

Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have identified that the problem with LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is when excess LDL is deposited on blood vessel walls. It oxidizes into a toxic substance that triggers immune cells to form crystals, leading to inflammation and arterial disease.  

Gut reaction in treating IBD

I reported previously on BiomX. The Israeli biotech has now partnered with Janssen - the therapy R&D arm of Johnson & Johnson. BiomX's XMarker microbiome-based platform will be used to classify responders to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) therapies.