Removing lung tumors using AR

Israel’s Body Vision Medical has integrated CT scans with X-rays to help surgeons remove small, early-stage lung-cancer tumors. Pre-surgery 3D CT images are overlaid with 2D X-ray images during the operation to produce high-resolution Augmented Reality maps of the tumors in real-time.

New understanding about Parkinson’s

Researchers from Israel’s Technion and Harvard have a new theory on how Parkinson’s disease develops. The responsible toxic protein alpha-synuclein doesn’t spread like an infection but accumulates throughout the body. It could change the way the neurological disease is treated.

Pentagon funds Israeli infection test system

The US Department of Defense has awarded a $9.2 million contract to Israel’s MeMed to help it complete its pioneering platform for distinguishing bacterial from viral infections. MeMed had already received a 2.3 million Euro grant from the European Commission.

Robot-aided surgery fixes severe spinal fracture

In the world’s first procedure of its kind, Israeli surgeons at Hadassah University Medical Center used a Mazor-Israel robot to operate on Aharon Schwartz, whose spine was broken in six places from a work accident. Schwartz is expected to be able to walk again soon.

An MRI machine for babie

Israel’s Aspect Imaging is developing a compact MRI system that can be placed in neonatal units for scanning newborns at the point of care. Aspect has just raised $30 million which will also help fund the development of a stroke-dedicated MRI System for Emergency Rooms.

Fixing hernias

Israel’s Via Surgical has developed FasTouch – a next-generation system for fixing prosthetic material to soft tissues in surgical procedures such as hernia repairs. Less complications, less post-operative pain and faster recovery. FasTouch is to be distributed across the US by Progressive Medical.

Another robot-guided needle

Ben-Gurion University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have founded Xact Medical, to commercialize their Fast Intelligent Needle Delivery (FIND) system. Robotics and ultrasound guide the needle into the body – good for children, whose vascular systems are so small.

The body’s garbage collector

A new video of Israeli Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover, co-discoverer of Ubiquitin - used by cells to re-cycle proteins and prevent them from causing disease and cancer. Ciechanover's research has saved millions of lives, revolutionizing health, agriculture, and the environment.

Israel’s leading bio-medical conference

Israel’s 16th MIXiii-Biomed conference, beginning on May 23, will focus on aging and age-related diseases.  How to monitor, diagnose and treat elderly patients using precision medicine, genetics, personal diagnostics, digital health, robotics and regenerative therapies.

Israeli calcium can fight cancer

I reported previously about Israel’s Amorphical which has developed amorphous calcium to treat osteoporosis in patients who have trouble absorbing current (crystalline) calcium supplements.  Amorphous calcium also reduces the acidity that certain enzymes use to generate cancer cells.