Shape-shifting pills for better targeted treatments

3D-printing is relevant even in the medical industry. Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have engineered capsules from a hydrogel that can change shape upon various conditions.  E.g. to release medication only in the intestines, or to expand to fill the stomach.

Major partnership to prevent diabetes

I reported previously on Israel’s Sweetch and its system for detecting pre-diabetics. Sweetch is partnering with US-based WellSpan Health, providing its 15,000 employees with “the tool we have been looking for to augment our wellness assessment program”.

Breathtaking technology

I reported previously on Israeli innovations that can detect illness by analyzing someone’s voice. Israeli startup HealthyMize has just won $75 million in the Henry Ford Health System’s “Increasing Patient and Caregiver Engagement to Reduce Readmission” Challenge.

More about finding cancer treatment trials

I reported recently on Israel’s TrailJectory which helps match cancer patients with clinical trials appropriate to their condition. I believe the subject to be so important that I’m publishing another recent article about this innovative startup. It could save someone’s life.

Why Israelis live longer

If the previous medical articles haven’t given you the answer, this article might. Then click the link to see the youtube or Facebook video “Nas Daily meets United Hatzalah”.

Just a day in the lives of Hadassah medics

When 7-year-old Elisha Alush collapsed in the Judean desert, paramedics rushed him to Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital. They realized he had been stung, but by what?  They guessed a scorpion and the antidote worked. Had it been a Black Widow spider, it may have been too late.

Revolutionary technology to review ultrasound scans

Israeli startup iNNOGING enables physicians to manipulate ultrasound video captured previously by a technician and perform a virtual dynamic exam without the patient being present. The original scan’s video clips are converted into a 3D model of the examined area.

Device to cure both overeating and sleep apnea

Zen Eating, with R&D in Israel, has developed the Sipper – a device that trains the tongue to digest food slower, to match the brain’s “I’m full” mechanism. A Sipper user eats up to 30% less food per meal. The training also can cure snoring – a major cause of sleep apnea.

Israeli support for Pittsburgh

Volunteers from Israel’s ZAKA Search & Rescue, Dream Doctors and the Psycho-trauma and Crisis Response Unit of Israel’s United Hatzalah have arrived in Pittsburgh to provide aid to the community and the victims of the deadly mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue.

The hospital of the future

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center hosted a summit “The Future Hospital: Setting Strategies for 2030 and Beyond”. Healthcare leaders and innovators from the USA, Canada, UK, EU and Israel discussed challenges facing hospitals and saw Israeli cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of medicine.