Female Muslim ambulance driver

I reported previously about United Hatzalah’s female Muslim paramedic. Magen David Adom is also training Bedouin men and women to become medics. This I24 News video features ambulance driver and trainee paramedic 27-year-old, mother-of-four Warud Abu Abed.

Saving Hawaiian coral

Hawaii state legislature passed a ban on sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone (BP-3) after researchers from Ben-Gurion University and the USA provided significant evidence that BP-3 has caused coral bleaching. Oxybenzone caused deformities, endocrine disruption and DNA damage that kills the coral.

Trilateral summit

The leaders of Israel, Cyprus and Greece convened in Nicosia for their fourth summit since launching a trilateral partnership in 2016. The main issue discussed was the feasibility of laying a pipeline from Israel to Cyprus and then to Greece and Italy.

PA to control its own electricity

I reported before that Israel transferred an electricity substation over to the Palestinian Authority. The PA has now taken responsibility for most of the PA’s entire power supply. The Israel Electric Company and PA together will construct four new high-voltage power plants.

Thanks to Israel for our freedom

Like many Israeli Christians, IDF Captain (res.) Shadi Halul is grateful that “the Jews returned to their homeland and created freedom for the Jews and the Christians in Israel.”

Protecting the environment

Israeli NGO Zalul (Hebrew for “clear”) leads the fight to reduce plastic waste in Israel and encourage recycling. It helped introduce payment for supermarket plastic bags and other projects to reduce pollution.  Zalul CEO Maya Jacobs went on ILTV to explain more.  Good summary on their website.

Lone soldiers celebrate Passover

Thanks to the charity Yahad - United for Israel's Soldiers, 250 Israeli lone soldiers were able to mark the Jewish festival of Passover with a pre-seder feast. For most of them, it was their first Seder away from their countries of birth and their families.

Connecting Jews and Arabs through soccer

Israeli non-profit Kulna Yerushalayim (We are all Jerusalem) is organizing a summer soccer event for some 200 Jerusalem Jewish and Arab kids. It will include live music, sports legends and screenings of the World Cup matches on the ancient walls surrounding the Old City.

Saving Kurdish children

Christian charity Shevet Achim has been bringing sick children from Kurdistan to Israel for life-saving treatment in Israeli hospitals, such as Sheba, Tel Hashomer.

Teaching Israelis to fish

There is a Jewish motto – give a poor person a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him to fish and he will feed himself.  Israel’s Chaim BePlus provides courses in personal financial management to young adults aged 17-21 to give them the tools to become independent and self-sufficient.