Guatemala renames streets to Israel’s capital

Cities throughout Guatemala are renaming streets and traffic circles "Jerusalem the Capital of Israel." The first such renaming ceremony took place on the main street of the southern city of Guastatoya. Hundreds waved Israeli flags and stores along the road hung Israeli flags.

Israeli educational games in Arabic

Israeli educational games startup TinyTap has just raised $5 million of funds to help it launch learning plans in Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish. It will also be used for promoting the company's partnership with Oxford University Press to start a learning plan for English language learners.

How Israel treats Palestinian Arab children

Watch what really happens to unfortunate Palestinian Arab children in the hands of Israelis.

Building bridges between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs

Eyal Waldman (CEO of Israel’s Mellanox) met Bashar al-Masri, (founder of the new PA city of Rawabi), at a dinner in Washington and became good friends. Now Mellanox employs 100 Palestinian Arabs and at least 10 Israeli companies work in Rawabi.  

106 participate in women-only hackathon

A team of five Orthodox students won a 44-hour, female-only hackathon held in Jerusalem. Their winning design, a voice-to-text bracelet relays information from first responders to hospitals in the event of a mass-casualty incident.

Giving back a lost childhood

On alternate Friday afternoons in the summer, the Modi’in Ilit Linked to Life Friday Afternoon Field Trip volunteers take local sick and bereaved Israeli children on surprise trips. This project of Israeli charity Ezer Mizion makes their day. It makes their week. And it makes their life.

Subsidized English tuition for children

Israel’s Education Ministry and the Association of Community Centers’ Shalem volunteer organization are to provide 4th to 8th-graders with after-school spoken English lessons. Fees will be just NIS 4 ($1.10) an hour, far less than current private tuition fees.

The largest cookie flag

Using 117,000 cookies laid out to form a giant Israeli flag, the Jewish community of Atlanta, Georgia not only shattered a world record, it also raised considerable funds for worthy charities all over Israel. Afterwards, the cookies were donated to local Georgia food banks.

More Israel-Asia Center graduates

I wrote previously about some of last year’s graduates from the Israel-Asia Center’s Leaders Fellowship. This recent article features three graduates from the current program. They are from Indonesia (which doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel), Vietnam and India.

World Day to Combat Desertification

Although 60% of Israel is desert, it is the only country in the world where the desert is receding. Thus, the UN designated Israel an expert in combating desertification -the process by which drought, deforestation, and inappropriate agriculture turns fertile land into desert.