Emergency aid to Madagascar

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the South African branch of Magen David Adom have sent medical aid to Madagascar to help combat an outbreak of bubonic / pneumonic plague. The World Health Organization described the outbreak as the worst in 50 years.

Mini-motorized wheelchairs for disabled toddlers

Israeli charity ALEH is providing disabled Jerusalem toddlers with specially designed motorized wheelchairs, allowing them to take control of their own mobility from the age of one. The small but powerful “Wizzybug” chairs support every part of the child’s growing body.

iPads for Jerusalem special needs teachers

Jerusalem Municipality and the Athena Fund is providing 463 special education teachers with iPads, along with special programs and applications designed for students with special needs and various handicaps. It will improve teacher-student communication.

Diversity award for girls’ tech training program

I’ve reported previously about the QueenB tech and confidence mentorship and training program for girls of middle-school age. QueenB will be able to do more teaching with $72,000 it recently won at the WeWork Creator Awards, which took place in Tel Aviv.

Fighting epidemics together

The National Center for Disease Control organized a six-day program on Applied Epidemiology.  Thirty professionals in public health, infectious diseases and Epidemiology took part -  both Israeli medical and research personnel, plus their counterparts from the Palestinian Authority.

Another Israeli resolution passes at the UN

An Israeli resolution promoting the utilizing of agricultural technology for sustainable development passed the United Nations (UN) Second Committee by a 141 to 1 (Syrian) vote, with 34 (Arab block) abstentions. A record 117 countries co-sponsored the Israeli initiative.

Israel is a strategic asset of the West

Former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp gives historical and current day examples of how vital Israel is to the security of Western nations. He even suggests a new Balfour Declaration that recognizes the strategic value of the Jewish State today.

How does the UN get aid to Syria? Via Israel

The only safe way that the United Nations can send humanitarian aid to war-torn Syria is through Israel. See these UN trucks entering Syria at the Israeli border.

Israel to open embassy in Rwanda

Israel is opening a new embassy in Kigali, Rwanda. “This is part of the expansion of Israel’s presence in Africa and of the deepening cooperation between Israel and African countries,” Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said after meeting Rwandan President Paul Kagame in Nairobi.

Israel and NATO to share classified info

Israel and NATO have signed an agreement on the protection of classified information. The agreement will help expand the sharing of intelligence between Israel and NATO.